Hide Games From Your Facebook Timeline

One of Facebook’s most polarizing features is the wide variety of time-killing applications. If you’ve visited the site lately, you’ve doubtless seen a number of items in your News Feed updating you on your friends’ progress in Farmville, Mafia Wars, and many others.

Did you know it’s easy to remove these updates from your timeline, without disconnecting from your friends? Just find one of these posts and click the “Hide” link that appears on the right when you mouse over it.

Hide Games Step 1

Facebook will then ask you if you want to hide the person or the application. Click the name of the game.

Hiding Games Step 2

Success! You’ll now no longer see updates on the games your friends are playing on Facebook, and you’ll see more links, photos and status updates instead.


Update: It gets even better. (Thanks to techpp.com) Not only can you keep games and other apps out of your Live Feed, you can also exclude them from your Notifications. When a notification appears in the lower right of your screen, mouse over the upper right corner of the item to see the “X” appear. Click that, and you’ll be invited to hide all notifications from that application.


61 thoughts on “Hide Games From Your Facebook Timeline

  1. I used to be able to hide the game applications .. now it only allows me to hide the post, hide the user or Mark as Spam – I think facebook changed something

  2. I just friended someone who has all that Farmville/Mafia Wars crap. I hover my mouse but no option to hide shows up. There is an “x” that gives an option to block that particular game(s), but a message displays that says: “An error occurred. Please try logging in again”. I have tried re-logging in at least 4 or 5 times and nothing different happens. I cancelled my first Facebook account a year ago because of all those games. HELLLLP ME PLEEEZE!!!

  3. Apparently the Blackberry app does not hide blocked FB apps — extraordinarily frustrating. The apps are hidden on FB and the mobile site but utterly clutter the Blackberry app.

  4. That’s a drag, Patrick. I don’t have a Blackberry, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with the mobile application.

    But I’ll bet if you’ve hidden FB apps from your computer, then they’d also be hidden when viewing Facebook from your phone’s web browser. Their mobile version isn’t so bad, so you may find it preferable to the mobile app.

  5. How can make these disappear from my Blackberry ?
    I can’t stand to go thru my BB, and ALL I see is Farmville, cafe world, and these other new games.


  6. I see so many HAPPY people here who have gotten rid of the curse of Farmville/Mafiawars/Gardens of Time/Frontierville, etc, etc …and I’d really like to be one of them! I’ve zapped them my home computer, but can’t seem to figure it out on my mobile facebook. (I use a BlackBerry) These ‘notifications’ are more than half of my traffic. Any tips on how to do it on the ‘Berry. I agree several of the other bloggers: PEOPLE–GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Just read Patrick’s post of May 20th.
    Looks like I’m going to have to ‘un-friend’ about six people just to get rid of their spam.
    This is getting ridiculous.

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  9. If you have a Blackberry click on the arrow just underneath your status bar and change to ‘status updates’ in your facebook app instead of ‘news feed’ and all those incredibly annoying game updates disappear! This works for Bold 9700

  10. It’s now changed slightly: click on the cross in the top right hand corner and choose ‘hide all posts from Farmville’.

  11. Actually clicking the Hide all by…. no longer works… as soon as you go away from FB and then return it is all back again!!!!

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