Are You Seeing ALL Your Friends’ Facebook Posts?

In yet another semi-secret update, Facebook continues to tinker with which updates you’ll see when you get to your News Feed. The default setting is that you will now see “Most” of your friends’ posts.

Click in the upper right corner of any post on your feed, and you’ll see this insidious new setting selected for you.

Gladly, you can change this setting right from that menu, and also from your friends’ profile pages. Just mouse over the “Subscribed” button on the top right of the profile page.

Unfortunately, you have to do this one by one for each of your friends. If you want to use your Lists to prioritize, you’ll find the setting in a slightly different place. (You are Using Facebook Lists, aren’t you?)

From the news feed, the last category of links in the left column should be “Lists.” Select the name of the list you want to work with and you’ll see updates from only people on that list. Mouse over any friend’s name and you’ll see the subscription settings pop up.

Of course, you can also use this setting to see fewer updates from some connections. You can even unsubscribe from updates without defriending the person. That may come in handy now that we’re in an election year.

I hope if we’re connected, that I can count on you to go and select “All Updates” from my Facebook Profile right away!

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